HTML and CSS Reference
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set of foundation capabilities, including interface controls, data binding, and even a cut-down
version of jQuery. These sometimes have flaws, some of which you will see in this topic, but
I suggest you learn what WinJS has to offer before adding other JavaScript libraries.
Starting and Debugging a JavaScript Metro App
The best way of testing and debugging a Metro app is using the simulator, which is included as
part of the Visual Studio download. In the Visual Studio window, you will see a right-arrow next
to the words Local Machine . Click the small down arrow to the right of the words, and select
Simulator from the menu, as shown in Figure 1-4 .
To start the Metro app, click the button, which will now read Simulator. A new window will
appear that displays the Metro app, as shown in Figure 1-5 .
Figure 1-4. Selecting the simulator for a Metro application
Figure 1-5. The Metro simulator
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