HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
There are two main things that needs to be highlighted in the menu:
1. currentPage parameter is constructed with the current JSF view ID and query parameter
in order to highlight the current selected menu item.
There are two protected menu items that appear only for the application administrator
which are "Add a book" and "View users" items.
Composing JSF Pages and Backing Beans
Figure 13-14 shows the structure of the application pages and resources.
Figure 13-14. Mega App pages and resources structure
Under Web Pages folder there are
1. css folder: Contains the application CSS files (bootstrap CSS files “ bootstrap*.css ”) and
megaapp.css , which includes the custom application CSS customizations.
2. img folder: Contains bootstrap images.
3. js folder: Includes bootstrap JavaScript files and jquery.js which bootstrap depends on.
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