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Figure 13-11. Administrator user's user management page
The administrator user can view all the users of the application and also delete any of them.
Mega App Architecture
Mega App application utilizes the following Java EE 7 technologies:
JSF 2.2 for handling the user interface interactions.
EJB 3.2 for transaction handling.
JPA 2.1 for data persistence.
CDI 1.1 for bean management.
Bean Validation 1.1 for handling model validation.
In order to have nifty HTML5/CSS3 user interface, Mega App uses Twitter Bootstrap library: . Twitter Bootstrap is a lightweight HTML5/CSS3 library that contains nifty design
templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components, as well as optional
JavaScript extensions.
For simplicity purposes, Mega App uses Oracle Java DB. Java DB is the Oracle's supported distribution of the
Apache Derby open-source database. It supports standard ANSI/ISO SQL through the JDBC and Java EE APIs and is
included in the JDK. Figure 13-12 shows the high-level components of the Mega App application.
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