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it is important to understand that a role (or an actor) can include one or more user(s) in the system. this means
that in Mega app, we can have many application users and many application administrators as well.
Mega App Wireframes
Now, let's have a tour in the application wireframes in order to have a clear understanding of the application
specification. We will illustrate the application page(s) which every actor in the application (application user and
application administrator) can interact with. First of all, in order to access the application pages, the users need to
register themselves using the registration page. Figure 13-3 shows the registration page.
Figure 13-3. Registration page
In order to register, the user has to provide the following information:
Login name, which has to be unique for every user in the application.
Two identical passwords.
The user first name.
The user last name.
If the user enters correct information, the application will inform the user that his/her account is created
successfully. After doing successful registration, the user should be able to login to the system. Figure 13-4 shows the
Mega App login page.
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