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<security-constraint> element is used to define the access privileges to a collection of resources using their
URL mapping. It can contain the following elements:
Web resource collection (
<web-resource-collection> ): A list of URL patterns and HTTP
operations that describe a set of resources to be protected.
Authorization constraint (
<auth-constraint> ): Specifies whether authentication is to be used
and names the roles authorized to perform the constrained requests.
User data constraint (
<user-data-constraint> ): Specifies how data is protected when
transported between a client and a server (will be illustrated in the “Data Protection” section).
A web resource collection ( <web-resource-collection> ) contains the following elements:
<web-resource-name> (optional) is the name which you use for the web resource.
<url-pattern> is the URL to be protected.
<http-method> is used to specify which methods should be protected.
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