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Listing 10-5. Mashups4JSF Dependency in pom.xml
<project ...>
<id> </id>
<url></url >
After adding Mashups4JSF jars to our application's dependency, we can include it in our XHTML page as follows:
<html xmlns=" "
xmlns:ui=" "
xmlns:h=" "
xmlns:mashup=" " >
The weather page has a logout CommandLink whose action is binded with the logout method of the
WeatherBacking bean class. Listing 10-6 shows WeatherBacking bean class.
Listing 10-6. WeatherBacking Bean Class
import javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped;
import javax.inject.Named;
public class WeatherBacking extends BaseBacking {
public String logout() {
return "/home.xhtml?faces-redirect=true";
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