HTML and CSS Reference
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if (places.size() == 0) {
new FacesMessage("Congratulations!
You are done."));
private void initialize () {
egyptPlaces = new ArrayList<>();
germanyPlaces = new ArrayList<>();
brazilPlaces = new ArrayList<>();
places = new ArrayList<>();
places.add(new Place("The Great Pyramids of Giza", "Egypt"));
places.add(new Place("Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park", "Germany"));
places.add(new Place("Catete Palace", "Brazil"));
places.add(new Place("Saxon Switzerland National Park", "Germany"));
places.add(new Place("Luxor Temple", "Egypt"));
places.add(new Place("Mariano Proc├│pio Museum", "Brazil"));
places.add(new Place("Bavarian Forest National Park", "Germany"));
places.add(new Place("Museu do ├Źndio", "Brazil"));
places.add(new Place("Cairo Tower", "Egypt"));
Finally, Listing 9-15 shows the CSS style classes of RightCountry application.
Listing 9-15. CSS Style Classes of RightCountry Application
.column {
width: 25%;
vertical-align: top;
.dropTargetPanel {
width: 90%;
.dropSourcePanel {
width: 133px;
.containerPanel {
width: 100%;
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