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Table 9-3. RichFaces Components Overview
The <rich:accordion> is a series of panels stacked on top of each other, each collapsed such
that only the header of the panel is showing. When the header of a panel is clicked, it is
expanded to show the content of the panel. Clicking on a different header will collapse the
previous panel and expand the selected one. Each panel contained in a <rich:accordion>
component is a <rich:accordionItem> component.
The <rich:autocomplete> component is an auto-completing input-box with built-in Ajax.
The <rich:calendar> component allows the user to enter a date and time through an inline or
pop-up calendar.
The <rich:collapsiblePanel> component is a collapsible panel that shows or hides content
when the header bar is activated. It is a simplified version of <rich:togglePanel> component.
The <rich:contextMenu> component is used for creating a hierarchical context menu that
is activated on events like onmouseover, onclick, etc. The component can be applied to any
element on the page.
The <rich:dataGrid> component is used to arrange data objects in a grid. Values in the grid
can be updated dynamically from the data model, and Ajax updates can be limited to specific
rows. The component supports header, footer, and caption facets.
The <rich:dataScroller> component is used for navigating through multiple pages of tables
or grids.
The <rich:dataTable> component is used to render a highly customizable table, including the
table's caption. It works in conjunction with the <rich:column> and <rich:columnGroup>
components to list the contents of a data model.
The <rich:dragIndicator> component defines a graphical element to display under the
mouse cursor during a drag-and-drop operation.
The <rich:dragSource> component can be added to a component to indicate it is capable of
being dragged by the user. The dragged item can then be dropped into a compatible drop
area, designated using the <rich:dropTarget> component.
The <rich:dropDownMenu> component is used for creating a drop-down, hierarchical menu.
It can be used with the <rich:toolbar> component to create menus in an application's toolbar.
The <rich:dropTarget> component can be added to a component so that the component can
accept dragged items. The dragged items must be defined with a compatible drop type for
the <rich:dragSource> component.
The <rich:editor> component is used for creating a WYSIWYG editor on a page.
The <rich:extendedDataTable> component builds on the functionality of the
<rich:dataTable> component, adding features such as scrolling for the table body (both
horizontal and vertical), Ajax loading for vertical scrolling, frozen columns, row selection,
and rearranging of columns. It also supports all the basic table features such as sorting,
filtering, and paging using the <rich:dataScroller> component.
The <rich:fileUpload> component allows the user to upload files to a server. It features
multiple uploads, progress bars, restrictions on file types, and restrictions on sizes of the files
to be uploaded.
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