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In-Depth Information
In order to configure RichFaces, you need to understand its dependency jars first. RichFaces depends on four
main jars that represent the API and implementation for both RichFaces core and components as follows:
RichFaces jars have the following mandatory dependencies:
Java Server Faces 2.x implementation: javax.faces.jar (version 2.1.5 or higher) or myfaces-impl.
jar (version 2.1.5 or higher)
Google Guava: guava.jar (version 10.0.1).
CSS Parser: cssparser.jar (version 0.9.5).
Simple API for CSS: sac.jar (version 1.3)
And the following optional jars that can be required in order to run certain functionalities:
Bean Validation (JSR-303) integration for client-side validation (JSR-303 API and
Implementation): validation-api.jar (version 1.0.0.GA) and hibernate-validator.jar (version
4.2.0.Final or higher).
Push transport library—Atmosphere (without dependencies): atmosphere-runtime.jar
(version 1.0.10) (selected compatibility modules atmosphere-compat-*.jar may be necessary).
Push JMS integration (JMS API and Implementation): jms.jar (version 1.1) and hornetq-jms.
jar (version 2.2.7.Final or higher)
Push CDI integration (CDI API and Implementation): cdi-api.jar (version 1.0-SP4) and javax.
inject.jar (version 1) and jsr-250-api.jar (version 1.0) and weld-servlet.jar (version 1.1.4.Final).
Extended caching (EhCache): ehcache.jar (version 1.6.0).
be aware that some of the previously mentioned dependencies are part of Java ee 6 specification, so if you are
working on a Java ee 6 application server like GlassFish (not just a servlet container), then there is no need to add these
There are two ways to download RichFaces dependencies: you can either download them directly from or if you are a Maven user you can use RichFaces Maven archetype
(RichFaces requires Maven 3.0.3 or above). Using the Maven archetype named richfaces-archetype-simpleapp ,
you can generate the basic structure and requirements for a RichFaces application project.
In order to run the RichFaces Maven archetype, you need to add the JBoss repository to your Maven
configuration. Add a profile in the ${Maven_Installation_Dir}/conf/settings.xml file under the <profiles>
element as shown in Listing 9-8.
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