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Table 9-2. ( continued )
DataExporter is handy for exporting data listed using a PrimeFaces DataTable to various
formats such as excel, pdf, csv, and xml.
DataGrid displays a collection of data in a grid layout.
DataList presents a collection of data in list layout with several display types.
DataTable is an enhanced version of the standard DataTable that provides built-in
solutions to many common use cases like paging, sorting, selection, lazy loading, filtering.
Which command to submit the form with when Enter key is pressed a common problem
in web apps not just specific to JSF. Browsers tend to behave differently as there doesn't
seem to be a standard and even if a standard exists, IE probably will not care about it.
There are some ugly workarounds like placing a hidden button and writing JavaScript
for every form in your app. DefaultCommand solves this problem by normalizing the
command (e.g. button or link) to submit the form with an Enter key press.
Dialog is a panel component that can overlay other elements on page.
Drag&Drop utilities of PrimeFaces consist of two components: Draggable and
Dock component mimics the well-known dock interface of Mac OS X.
Editor is an input component with rich text-editing capabilities.
FeedReader is used to display content from a feed.
Fieldset is a grouping component as an extension to html fieldset.
The legacy way to present dynamic binary data to the client is to write a servlet or a filter
and stream the binary data. FileDownload presents an easier way to do the same.
FileUpload goes beyond the browser input type=“file” functionality and features an
html5-powered rich solution with graceful degradation for legacy browsers.
Focus is a utility component that makes it easy to manage the element focus on a
JSF page.
Galleria is used to display a set of images.
GMap is a map component integrated with Google Maps API V3.
GraphicImage extends standard JSF graphic image component with the ability of
displaying binary data like an inputstream. Main use of GraphicImage is to make
displaying images stored in database or on-the-fly images easier. Legacy way to do this is
to come up with a servlet that does the streaming; GraphicImage does all the hard work
without the need of a servlet.
Growl is based on the Mac's growl notification widget and used to display FacesMessages
in an overlay.
HotKey is a generic key binding component that can bind any formation of keys to
JavaScript event handlers or Ajax calls.
IdleMonitor watches user actions on a page and notify callbacks in case they go idle or
active again.
( continued )
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