HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
which will produce the following content in car.xhtml page:
Car Model: xxx
Car Color: yyy
Car Number: zzz
It is important to know that JSF 2.x Facelets is an XML-based view technology. this means that the (&)
character is interpreted as start of an XML entity. this results that in order to represent the actual (&) character, you have
to use &amp , instead as shown in the last code example.
In this chapter, you learned in detail the JSF event model. You understood how to work with both action and value
change events in JSF application. You now know how to utilize the JSF phase listeners in order to implement goodies
in your JSF application such as authorization or logging. You learned the different types of JSF System events and now
know how to use both application-level and component-level System events. Finally, you understand how to work
with the JSF view parameters in order to make your JSF pages RESTful.
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