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Fig. 7.21 a Comparison of
stress-strain curve based on
curve characteristics depicted
in Fig. 7.4 and the S AF 6060
material and b comparison of
tissue normal and shear stress
for foam F0.5 and S AF 6060
along node path 1 (force-
displacement scales have
been removed due to
Fig. 7.22 Force-
displacement characteristics
of two additional soft foam
materials (force-displacement
scales have been removed
due to confidentiality)
7.1.7 Validation: Comparison of Measurement and Simulation Test Conditions
To validate the numerical results, physical measurements were conducted at the
St. Wolfgang Clinic in Bad Griesbach (supervision by Dr. med. T. Laser). The key
aspect of this study on volunteers was contact pressure measurement with pressure
mapping mats based on the LS2-prototype system and the following three mattress
materials: S AF 6060, E VO P ORE HRC 150 P and HME7. Two of the volunteers were
the female and male subjects on which the anatomical and mechanical tissue data
of the human models BoMo2 and BoMo4 are based.
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