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Fig. 5.51 Body position during 3D-laser scanning: a upper body, and b lower body surface
contour, c combined surfaces in seated position
Fig. 5.52 a Volunteer kneeling in positioning rig, b inspection of angle between upper body and
upper leg, c Volunteer with positioning rig and technical assistant inside the upright MR-device
Fig. 5.53 BoMo 6, male model for seated positions with complete anatomy: a bone structures,
b gluteal and upper leg muscle groups, c buttock and upper leg skin/fat, and d complete body
To illustrate biologic variability, in Figs. 5.54 and 5.55 the models BoMo 6 and
BoMo 8 are shown.
BoMo 9: A female human body model in the seated position, corresponding to
model BoMo 1. It can be used in different versions, depending on the sitting
scenario: buttocks with upper legs and spine or with additional back part for back
rest contact interaction or as a complete full body model. in vivo soft tissue
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