HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Your work on the Head
First Lounge has really paid
off. With those enticing elixirs and directions,
lots of people are frequenting the place and
visiting the website. Now we've got plans for
expanding the lounge's online content in all
sorts of directions.
Getting organized
Before you start creating more HTML pages, it's time to get
things organized. So far, we've been putting all our files and
images in one folder. You'll find that even for modestly sized
websites, things are much more manageable if you organize your
web pages, graphics, and other resources into a set of folders.
Here's what we've got now:
Here a re the
three HTML
files: for the
loung e, the
elixir s page,
and the
dire ctions.
This is oft en referred to as the “root” folder of
the site, w hich means it is the top-level folder
that conta ins the entire site.
And here are all the images. See, this is
getting sorta cluttered already, and we only
have three pages and a few graphics. Let's
do something about it….
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