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A p a g e l i st i n g s o m e
r e fr e sh i n g a n d h e al t hy
d ri n k s . F e e l fre e to g r a b
o n e b e fo re g o i n g o n .
Creating the new and improved
lounge in three steps…
Let's rework the original Head First Lounge
page so it links to the two new pages.
The first step is easy because we've already
created the “directions.html” and
“elixir.html” files for
you. You'll find them
in the source files for
the topic, which are
available at
hfhtmlcss .
Next you're going to edit the “lounge.html”
file and add in the HTML needed to link to
“directions.html” and “elixir.html”.
Last, you'll give the pages a test drive and
try out your new links. When you get back,
we'll sit down and look at how it all works.
Flip the page and let's get started…
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