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Markup Magnets Solution
Your job was to take the form element magnets and lay them on
top of the corresponding controls in the sketch. You didn't need
all the magnets below to complete the job; some were left over.
Here's our solution.
House Blend
Shade Grown
<o ptio n> .. .<opt ion>
Organic Gua
<opti on> ...<optio n>
< input type="ra dio" ...>
<op tio n> . ..< opti on>
<inp ut t ype ="ra dio" ... >
Number of bags:
Must arrive by date:
<input t ype="da te" ...>
<input type= "checkbox" ...>
<input typ e="text" ...>
<in put typ e=" text " . ..>
< input type=" text" ...>
We didn't
need these.
<input type="tel" .. .>
<input typ e="checkbox" ...>
<textarea> . ..<textarea>
<sele ct> .. .<sele ct>
Order N
<inp ut typ e="subm it" .. .>
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