HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Cruisin' with style…
It's time for another test drive, so reload your “index.html” file again.
This time, you'll see the Starbuzz web page has a whole new look.
N ow we h ave mar gins
a roun d t he c onte nt.
M argin
We 've got a black dotted border
ar ound th e conte nt.
We're using a
diffe rent fon t for
a clea ner look .
If yo u're usin g IE ,
you mig ht n ot se e
the bord er.
Inter net E xplor er
does not displa y the
b order arou nd th e bod y cor rectly .
T ry loa ding the p age in Fire fox,
C hrom e or Safar i to se e the bord er.
Whoa! Very nice. We're
in business now!
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