HTML and CSS Reference
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A form-al test drive
Reload the page, fill in the text inputs, and submit the form.
When you do that, the browser will package up the data
and send it to the URL in the action attribute, which is at .
Here's th e server s cript's
response. It looks l ike the
script go t what w e submitt ed,
but we h aven't giv en it
everythin g it need s.
And he re's the response
after submittin g the fo rm.
Adding some more input elements to your form
It looks like the server script isn't going to let us get very far without telling it the
beans we want, as well as the bean type (ground or whole). Let's add the bean
selection first by adding a <select> element to the form. Remember that the
<select> element contains a list of options, each of which becomes a choice in
a drop-down menu. Also, associated with each choice is a value; when the form is
submitted, the value of the chosen menu option is sent to the server. Turn the page
and let's add the <select> element.
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