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What can go in a form? (part 2)
Okay, not every form element is an <input> element. There are a few others, like
<select> for menus and <textarea> for typing in more than one line of text. So,
why don't you get familiar with these as well before moving on? Oh, and by the way,
once you do that, you'll know 90% of the form elements (and 99% of the form
elements that are commonly used).
The <textarea> element
creates a multiline text area
that you can type into. If you
type more text than will fit
into the text area, then a scroll
bar appears on the right side.
r ows
The < textar ea>
elemen t is n ot an
empty eleme nt,
so it has bo th
openin g and
closin g tags .
<textarea name="comments" rows="10" cols="48"></textarea>
A ny text that goes betw een the
o pening and closing tags becomes
t he initial text in the b rowser's
t ext area control.
You can also specify the width and height of a textarea using CSS.
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