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Okay, so I have an HTML
form—that seems like the
easy part. But where do I get
a server script, or how do I
make one?
Good question.
Creating server scripts is a whole topic unto
itself and far beyond what we cover in this topic.
Well, we tried to cover them, but the topic ended
up weighing more than you do (not good). So,
To create server scripts, you need to know a
scripting or programming language, and one
that is supported by your hosting company. Most
hosting companies support languages like PHP,
Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, Node.js, and Java
(to name a few), and if you're interested, you'll
definitely want to pick up a book specifically
for creating server scripts (also known as
server-side programs). Check with your hosting
company; they sometimes provide simple scripts
to their customers, which takes the work out of
developing these scripts yourself.
As for this chapter, we've already developed
the server scripts you'll need. All you'll need to
do is put the URL of the script in the action
attribute of your <form> element.
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