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How forms work
If you use the Web at all, then you know what a form is. But you might not have
really thought about what they have to do with HTML. A form is basically a web
page with input fields that allows you to enter information. When the form is
submitted , that information is packaged up and sent off to a web server to be processed
by a server script. When the processing is done, what do you get? Another web page,
of course, as a response. Let's take a closer look at how this works:
The browser package s up all the
dat a in the form an d sends it
ove r to the web ser ver.
item=ja a
Server Script
Web Server
The server script processe s the data in the
form and creates a brand -new HTML page as a
response, which it hands ba ck to the web server.
Your Order has
<p>Thanks for your
it will be shipping
Server Script
Web Server
The response is an
HTML web page.
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