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html forms
Getting Interactive
Yeah, just got your
form. We're checking it
with the server now, and
then we'll get a response
right back to you.
So far all your web communication has been one-way:
from your page to your visitors. Golly, wouldn't it be nice if your visitors
could talk back? That's where HTML forms come in: once you enable your pages
with forms (along with a little help from a web server), your pages are going to be
able to gather customer feedback, take an online order, get the next move in an
online game, or collect the votes in a “hot or not” contest. In this chapter you're going
to meet a whole team of HTML elements that work together to create web forms.
You'll also learn a bit about what goes on behind the scenes in the server to support
forms, and we'll even talk about keeping those forms stylish.
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