HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Okay, it looks like you're
getting somewhere. You've got the
main page and the mission page all set.
But don't forget the CEO said the site
needs to look great too. Don't you think
it needs a little style?
Right. We have the
structure down, so now
we're going to concentrate
on its presentation.
You already know that HTML gives
you a way to describe the structure
of the content in your iles. When the
browser displays your HTML, it uses
its own built-in default style to present
this structure. But relying on the
browser for style obviously isn't going
to win you any “designer of the month”
That's where CSS comes in. CSS
gives you a way to describe how your
content should be presented. Let's get
our feet wet by creating some CSS that
makes the Starbuzz page look a little
more presentable (and launch your
web career in the process).
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