HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<style type="text/css">
td, th {border: 1px solid black;}
<title> Testing Tony's Table </title>
<th> City </th>
<th> Date </th>
<th> Temperature </th>
<th> Altitude </th>
<th> Population </th>
<th> Diner Rating </th>
<td >Walla Walla, WA </td>
<td> June 15th </td>
<td> 75 </td>
<td> 1,204 ft </td>
<td> 29,686 </td>
<td> 4/5 </td>
<td> Magic City, ID </td>
<td> June 25th </td>
<td> 74 </td>
<td> 5,312 ft </td>
<td> 50 </td>
<td> 3/5 </td>
<td>Bountiful, UT</td>
<td>July 10th</td>
<td>4,226 ft</td>
<td>Last Chance, CO</td>
<td>July 23rd</td>
<td>4,780 ft</td>
First, type in the
“Testing Tony's Table”
HTML. Typing this
in, while tedious,
will help get the
structure of the
<table>, <tr>, <th>,
and <td> tags in
your head. When
you finish, give it a
quick test, and then
add the remaining
items from Tony's
table. Test that too.
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