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Giving Tony's site the final polish
Tony's page is really looking nice, but there's one more area we haven't spent
any time styling yet: the list that contains the set of items he was preparing for
his trip. You'll find this list in his June 2nd entry; check it out below:
<h2> June 2, 2012 </h2>
<img src="images/segway1.jpg"
alt="The first day of the trip" />
Here' s the bottom of Tony's j ournal,
“journ al.html”. Rem ember his p acking
list i n his first jo urnal entry?
My first day of the trip! I can't
believe I finally got everything
packed and ready to go. Because
I'm on a Segway, I wasn't able
to bring a whole lot with me:
<li> cellphone </li>
<li> iPod </li>
<li> digital camera </li>
<li> a protein bar </li>
Just the essentials. As Lao Tzu
would have said, <q> A journey of
a thousand miles begins with
one Segway. </q>
H ere's what t he list looks like now.
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