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Hold on…that looks like a
table within a table.
That's because it is. But nested tables in
HTML are straightforward. All you need
to do is put another <table> element
inside a <td> . How do you do that? You
create a simple table to represent both
Tony's and Tess's ratings together, and
when you have that working, put it inside
the table cell that now holds Tony's 4/5
rating. Let's give it a try…
<td rowspan="2">Truth or Consequences, NM</td>
<td class="center">August 9th</td>
<td class="center">93</td>
<td rowspan="2" class="right">4,242 ft</td>
<td rowspan="2" class="right">7,289</td>
<td class="center">5/5</td>
<td class="center">August 27th</td>
<td class="center">98</td>
First, dele te the old r ating
that repr esented Tony 's rating…
…and put a table in its pla ce. This table holds
two diner ratings: one for Tess and one for
Tony. We're using table hea dings for their
names, and data cells for their ratings.
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