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Taking the styled tables for a test drive
That's a lot of changes at once. Make sure you save them, and you should
validate as well. Then load “journal.html” into your browser.
The table looks quite
different now that you've
styled it. W e're also inheriting
a few styl es that were
already in Tony's journal.
All the fonts are n ow san s-serif
and a smaller size. We pic ked
that u p from the p reviou s style s
alread y in th e file.
An d we've got s ome ma rgin o n
th e table and s ome pa dding in
ea ch tab le cell.
T hose dotted lines a re looking
r eally busy and distr acting,
t hough. It doesn't h elp that they
a re duplicated betw een each pair
o f table cells.
Reme mber, in browse rs that don't s upport t he capt ion-sid e
prope rty, th e captio n will st ill be at the to p of th e table.
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