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Before we start styling, let's get the table
into Tony's page
Before we start adding style to Tony's new table, we should really get the table
into his main page. Remember that Tony's main page already has set a font-
family , font-size , and other styles that the table is going to inherit. So without
putting the table into his page, we won't really know what the table looks like.
Start by opening “journal.html” in the “chapter13/journal” folder, locate the
August 20th entry, and make the following changes. When you've finished,
move on to the next page before reloading.
<h2>August 20, 2012</h2>
<img src="images/segway2.jpg" alt="Me and my Segway in New Mexico">
Well, I made it 1200 miles already, and I passed through some interesting
places on the way:
<li> Walla Walla, WA </li>
<li> Magic City, ID </li>
<li> Bountiful, UT </li>
<li> Last Chance, CO </li>
<li> Truth or Consequences, NM </li>
<li> Why, AZ </li>
<caption> The cities I visited on my Segway'n USA travels </caption>
<th> City </th>
<th> Date </th>
<th> Temperature </th>
<th> Altitude </th>
<th> Population </th>
<th> Diner Rating </th>
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