HTML and CSS Reference
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Another test drive
Go ahead and change your “index.html” ile by adding
in the <head>, </head>, <title>, </title>, <body> and
</body> tags. Once you've done that, save your
changes and reload the ile into your browser.
N otice that the title,
w hich you spe cified in
t he <head> e lement,
sh ows up her e.
You can r eload the inde ml fi le by
selec ting the Open File menu item aga in, o r
by u sing your brow ser's relo ad b utton .
Now thing s loo k a b it b ette r.
T he brow ser h as in terpr eted
your tags and crea ted a
displ ay fo r th e pag e th at
is no t onl y mo re st ruct ured,
but also more read able.
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