HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Use th is elemen t to de fine
the major s ections of your
documen t.
Need to show progress
on a task? Like 90%
done? Use this element.
This e lement defi nes th e
foo ter o f a se ction o r a
whole docum ent.
<a si d e>
This ele ment is for high lighting
bit s of tex t. Almos t as goo d as
that ink highligh ter!
Us e this f or includ ing
sound content in
you r page.
Th e time ele ment is a time,
a date, or a dat e-time (li ke
Jan uary 21st at 2am) .
Here are a bunch of elements you
know, and a few you don't, that
are all new in HTML5.
Remember, half the fun of HTML
is experimenting! So make
some files of your own and try
these out.
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