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I think Flash video is still
important, and I want to
make sure I have a fallback
if my users' browsers don't
support HTML5 video.
No problem.
There are techniques for falling back to another
video player if your preferred one (whether that
be HTML5 or Flash or another) isn't supported.
Below, you'll find an example of how to insert
your Flash video as a fallback for HTML5 video,
assuming the browser doesn't know how to play
HTML5 video. Obviously, this is an area that
is changing fast, so please take a look on the
Web (which is updated a lot more often than a
book) to make sure you're using the latest and
greatest techniques. You'll also find ways to make
HTML5 the fallback rather than Flash if you
prefer to give Flash video priority.
<video poster="video.jpg" controls>
<source src="video.mp4">
<source src="video.webm">
<source src="video.ogv">
For Flash video, yo u need an <objec t> element.
Inse rt the <object> element inside the
<vid eo> element bel ow the <source> tags. If
the browser doesn' t know about th e <video>
ele ment, the <obje ct> will be used, and you'll
see Flash video play ing.
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