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Take 2: lights, camera, action…
Okay, if you were having trouble seeing video, add the
markup on the previous page, and even if you weren't
having trouble, add it anyway. Give the video another try.
Try it in a few different browsers, as well.
How to be even more specific with
your video formats
Telling the browser the location of your source files gives it a selection of
different versions to choose from; however, the browser has to do some
detective work before it can truly determine if a file is playable. You can help
your browser even more by giving it more information about the MIME type
and (optionally) codecs of your video files:
T he vid eo cod ec
The audi o codec
<source src="video/tweetsip.ogv" type='video/ogg; codecs="theora, vorbis"'>
This is th e MIM E typ e
of t he vid eo fi le. It
spec ifies t he co ntaine r
form at.
Next, you'll update your <source> elements to include the type information for
all three types of video we have.
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