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I was testing on different
browsers, and the controls look
different on each one. At least
with solutions like Flash, I had
consistent-looking controls.
Yes, the controls in each
browser are different with HTML
The look and feel of your controls is
dictated by those who implement the
browsers. They do tend to look different in
different browsers and operating systems. In
some cases, for instance, on a tablet, they
have to look and behave differently because
the device just works differently (and it's a
good thing that's already taken care of for
you). That said, we understand; across, say,
desktop browsers, it would be nice to have
consistent controls, but that isn't a formal
part of the HTML5 spec, and in some cases,
a method that works on one OS might clash
with another OS's user interface guidelines.
So, just know that the controls may differ,
and if you really feel motivated, you can
implement custom controls for your apps.
We do t his in Head F irst
HTML5 Programming . Come join
us there ; JavaScript is fun!
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