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How does the video element work?
At this point, you've got a video up and playing on your page, but before we move
on, let's step back and look at the <video> element and its attributes:
N otice th at the contro ls and
au toplay attribu tes are a litt le
di fferent from other a ttribu tes
yo u've see n so fa r. The y are “ Boolean
If pr esent, the contr ols attribute ca uses the
playe r to supply cont rols for control ling the
video and audio playb ack.
The autop lay attribute ca uses the video
to start p layback upon pa ge load.
at tribut es” tha t have no value . So,
fo r insta nce, if contro ls is th ere,
th en the video control s will sh ow up.
If contr ols is no t ther e, then the
vi deo con trols d on't sh ow up.
<video controls
width="512" height="288"
A little Webville good video
etiquette: the autoplay attribute
While autoplay may be the best thing for sites like YouTube
and Vimeo (or WebvilleTV, for that matter), think twice
before setting it in your <video> element. Often, users want
to participate in the decision of whether or not video is
played when they load your page.
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