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Creating the new blog entry
Let's get started by adding a new blog entry, which in HTML-speak, should
be a new <article> element. Go ahead and add this HTML just under the
<section> element, above the other articles:
<h1> Starbuzz launches…Tweet Sip </h1>
<time datetime="2012-05-03"> 5/3/2012 </time>
As promised, today I'm proud to announce that Starbuzz
Coffee is launching the Tweet Sip cup, a special Starbuzz
Coffee cup that tweets each time you take a sip! Check
out my video of our new invention.
And now, introducing the video element
At first blush, the <video> element really is similar to the <img> element. In the
chapter downloads, you'll find a file named “tweetsip.mp4” in the “video” folder.
Make sure the “video” folder is at the same level as your “blog.html” file. Then add
this markup to your page right below the closing </p> tag and before the closing
</article> tag:
H ere we h ave the open ing
v ideo tag , wit h qu ite a
f ew a ttri bute s…
<video controls autoplay width="512" height="288" src="video/tweetsip.mp4">
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