HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Before we do any more
testing, we really need to
talk about your CSS.
We should really talk about best practices. You see, right now your CSS assumes that
every unordered list is a navigational menu. So, what happens when the Starbuzz CEO
needs to add a list of new cafes he's going to open in the blog? Disaster—he'll probably
get a navigation list right in the middle of his blog because it will be styled just like the
navigation list we just added to the page.
But no worries; to fix this potential problem, we just need to be more specific about
targeting the navigation list items, and that's not hard because the only navigation list
items we want to target are the ones contained within a <nav> element.
Before moving on, think through how you'd change the CSS to
specifically target the navigation items, and no other unordered lists.
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