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It seems like semantically each
article has its own little header, with
a heading and date. I assume we could
even add things like a byline with the
author's name and location. Is that the
right way to be using article?
It sure is. Again, think of an article as a self-
contained piece of content—something you could
even take out and syndicate to another web page
somewhere. And if you did that, you'd definitely
want to add something like a byline with who wrote
it, when, and maybe where.
We can take this even further, because the <header>
element isn't meant just for your main header; you
can use it whenever you want to group together
items into a header. For instance, you can add the
<header> element to an <article> , a <section> ,
or even an <aside> .
To see how this works, let's go back and add some
more <header> elements to the Starbuzz articles.
Note that the foot er can be used
within sections, art icles, and asides
as well. We're not g oing to do that
on Starbuzz, but m any sites do
create headers and footers for
these elements.
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