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Hey, I'm starting a blog. Can
we use any of these new HTML5
elements to build it? I want to make
sure I'm using the latest and greatest
stuff…it's going to be super popular, just
like our coffee.
Interesting you should ask, because many of the
new HTML5 elements are perfect for creating
a blog. Before we get into the actual markup,
though, let's think about what a blog might look
like, making sure we keep it consistent with the
current Starbuzz design. To do that, we'll create
a new page with the same “drinks” <section>
on the left, and the same <aside> on the right,
and all we'll change is the content in the middle
to be the blog. Let's check it out:
We'v e got a n ice naviga tion
men u below t he header
And t he main c ontent
area n ow has se veral blog
posts in it.
The rest of the page
is t he same.
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