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What's the point of adding the new HTML5 markup if it has no visual effect on the page?
Tonight's talk: HTML5 and HTML4.01 mix it up
Ah, my old pal, HTML4.01. You had a good run,
but now I'm here.
A good run? Take a look at the Web; it is still a sea
of HTML4.01.
I'm just getting started.
Yeah? And how are those new elements going? I
haven't seen many of them out there.
Sure, people are beginning to use them. Remember,
they aren't going to change the world, they just
make explicit what web developers have been doing
all along.
How is <p> not explicit? Hello? That's a paragraph.
Can't get more explicit than that.
I'm thinking more about <div> hereā€¦
There's nothing wrong with <div> . Leave him
I'm not talking about getting rid of <div> . Yeah,
he's great for grouping content together for styling
and stuff, but what if you want to, say, identify
some content as an article on your page? Or break
your page into sections?
You know as well as I do that everyone is confused
about how to use those elements, and you can do
both those things with a <div> .
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