HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Test driving the new ride
We've got a bit more to rework, but doesn't your
HTML already feel somehow newer, cleaner, more
modern? Go ahead and do a test drive by loading
your page in your browser.
Uh oh…looks like
thin gs didn't
work so well.
What happened? You had
me all talked into this
HTML5 stuff. That page
doesn't look so good.
No worries; we just got ahead of ourselves. The
page doesn't look right because we changed the
HTML, but we never reworked the CSS. Think
about it like this: we had a bunch of <div> s
with ids that the CSS was relying on and some
of those <div> s aren't there anymore. So, we
need to rewrite the CSS to target the new
elements instead of those old <div> s. Let's do
that now.
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