HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Sure, we could just tell you about the new HTML5 elements, but wouldn't it be more fun to figure
them out? Below, you'll find the new elements to the left (these aren't all the new elements, but
you'll find the more important ones here); for each element, match it with its description to the right:
Can contain a date or time or both.
Contains content meant for navigation
links in the page.
Used to add video media to your page
Content that goes at the bottom of the
page, or the bottom of a section of the
Contains content that is supplemental to
the page content, like a callout or sidebar.
Content that goes at the top of the page,
or the top of a section of the page.
A thematic grouping of content, typically
with a header and possibly a footer.
Represents a self-contained composition in
a page, like a blog post, user forum post,
or newspaper article.
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