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Saving your work
Once you've typed in the beverages from the CEO's napkin, you're going to
save your work in a ile called “index.html”. Before you do that, you'll want to
create a folder named “starbuzz” to hold the site's iles.
To get this all started, choose Save from the File menu and you'll see a Save As
dialog box. Then, here's what you need to do:
C lick h ere t o
cr eate a ne w fo lder.
First, create a “starbuzz” folder
for all your Starbuzz-related
iles. You can do this with the
New Folder button.
Don't worry a bout
UTF-8 for n ow;
we'll co me bac k to
that la ter.
Create a new
folder here.
C lick to sa ve.
Next, click on the newly created
“starbuzz” folder and then enter
“index.html” as the ilename and click
on the Save button.
C lick t o sav e.
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