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How CSS table display works
You can think of a table like a spreadsheet—a table has columns and rows , and at
the intersection of each column and row we have a cell . In a spreadsheet table, you
can put a value, like a number or some text, in each cell. With CSS table display,
each cell contains an HTML block element instead.
This is the fi rst colum n.
In th is table we have 4
rows and 3 c olumns, f or
a to tal of 12 cells.
Let's say you've got a page with three images and three paragraphs, and you want to
lay them out in two columns with three rows. Here's how you'd do that conceptually,
using a table:
This is the first column.
I n this ta ble, we have
t hree row s and t wo
columns, for a to tal
of six ce lls.
Notice that, because we only put block
elements into a table, we've wrapped
the images in a <div>.
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