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T his is more of the main cont ent
a rea continued over here.
<a href="beverages.html#house" title="House Blend"> House Blend </a>,
<a href="beverages.html#mocha" title="Mocha Cafe Latte"> Mocha Cafe Latte </a>,
<a href="beverages.html#cappuccino" title="Cappuccino"> Cappuccino </a>,
and a favorite of our customers,
<a href="beverages.html#chai" title="Chai Tea"> Chai Tea </a> .
We also offer a variety of coffee beans, whole or ground, for you to
take home with you. Order your coffee today using our online
<a href="form.html" title="The Bean Machine"> Bean Machine </a>,
and take the Starbuzz Coffee experience home.
<div id="sidebar">
<p class="beanheading">
<img src="images/bag.gif" alt="Bean Machine bag">
Here's the <div> for the Bean Ma chine.
We've given it an id of “sidebar”. H mm,
wonde r what that c ould mean?
with the
<a href="form.html"> BEAN MACHINE </a>
<span class="slogan">
FAST <br>
FRESH <br>
Why wait? You can order all our fine coffees right from the Internet with our new,
automated Bean Machine. How does it work? Just click on the Bean Machine link,
enter your order, and behind the scenes, your coffee is roasted, ground
(if you want), packaged, and shipped to your door.
<div id="footer">
&copy; 2012, Starbuzz Coffee
All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on
this site are the property of their respective owners.
And fina lly, we have th e <div> that
makes up the footer o f the page.
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