HTML and CSS Reference
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Move the elixirs <div> back to its original place below the main content, then save
and reload the page. Where does the element float now? Check your answer in the
back and then put your elixirs <div> back underneath the header.
Nice stuff. Do you think I'm going to
watch these fantastic lounge designs
and not want you to improve Starbuzz?
You've got a blank check…take
Starbuzz to the next level.
It looks like we've got a new assignment. Starbuzz
really could use some improvement. Sure, you've
done a great job of creating the typical top-to-
bottom page, but now that you know flow, you
should be able to give Starbuzz Coffee a slick new
look that is more user-friendly than the last design.
We do have a little secret though…we've been
working on this one a bit already. We've created
an updated version of the site. Your job is going
to be to provide all the layout. Don't worry, we'll
bring you up to speed on everything we've done so
far—it's nothing you haven't seen before.
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