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Your big break at Starbuzz Coffee
Starbuzz Coffee has made a name for itself as the fastest
growing coffee shop around. If you've seen one on your local
corner, look across the street you'll see another one.
In fact, they've grown so quickly, they haven't even managed
to put up a web page yet…and therein lies your big break: By
chance, while buying your Starbuzz Chai Tea, you run into
the Starbuzz CEO…
Word has it you
know a little about HTML.
We really need a web page
that features the Starbuzz
offerings. Can you help?
Decisions, decisions.
Check your first priority below (choose only one):
A. Give dog a bath.
C. Take the Starbuzz gig and
launch BIG-TIME web career.
B. Finally get my checking
account balanced.
D. Schedule dentist appointment.
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