HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Look what you've accomplished…
Take a look at the elixirs section now. You've
completely transformed it, and now it looks
just like the handout. And, other than adding a
<div> and an id attribute to your HTML, you
were able to do this with just a few CSS rules
and properties.
Remember, this is how the
elixirs section looked when
we started…
By now, you should be realizing just how
powerful CSS is, and how flexible your web
pages are when you separate your structure
(HTML) from your presentation (CSS). You can
give your HTML a whole new look, simply by
changing the CSS.
and here's
w hat it looks
l ike now.
Wow, that's fantastic!
You were able to make the
elixirs section on the website
look like the handout, with just
a little CSS.
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