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You're closer to learning HTML than you think…
Here's the HTML for the Head First Lounge again. Take a look at the tags and see
if you can guess what they tell the browser about the content. Write your answers
in the space on the right; we've already done the first couple for you.
Tells t he browser this is the start of HTM L.
Start s the page “head” (more about this la ter).
<title> Head First Lounge </title>
<h1> Welcome to the Head First Lounge </h1>
<img src="drinks.gif">
Join us any evening for refreshing elixirs ,
conversation and maybe a game or
two of <em> Dance Dance Revolution </em> .
Wireless access is always provided;
BYOWS (Bring your own web server).
<h2> Directions </h2>
You'll find us right in the center of
downtown Webville. Come join us!
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