HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
divs and spans
Advanced Web Construction
Some builders say,
“measure twice, cut once.”
I say, “plan, div, and span.”
It's time to get ready for heavy construction. In this chapter we're
going to roll out two new HTML elements: <div> and <span>. These are no simple
“two by fours”; these are full-blown steel beams. With <div> and <span>, you're going
to build some serious supporting structures, and once you've got those structures in
place, you're going to be able to style them all in new and powerful ways. Now, we
couldn't help but notice that your CSS toolbelt is really starting to fill up, so it's time
to show you a few shortcuts that will make specifying all these properties a lot easier.
And we've also got some special guests in this chapter, the pseudo-classes , which
are going to allow you to create some very interesting selectors. (If you're thinking
that “pseudo-classes” would make a great name for your next band, too late; we beat
you to it.)
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