HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
What you write (the HTML)
So, you know HTML is the key to getting a browser to display your pages, but
what exactly does HTML look like? And what does it do?
Let's have a look at a little HTML…imagine you're going to create a web
page to advertise the Head First Lounge , a local hangout with some good tunes,
refreshing elixirs, and wireless access. Here's what you'd write in HTML:
<title> Head First Lounge </title>
<h1> Welcome to the Head First Lounge </h1>
<img src="drinks.gif">
Join us any evening for refreshing elixirs,
conversation and maybe a game or
two of <em> Dance Dance Revolution </em> .
Wireless access is always provided;
BYOWS (Bring your own web server).
<h2> Directions </h2>
You'll find us right in the center of
downtown Webville. Come join us!
We don't expect you to know HTML yet.
At this point you should just be getting a feel
for what HTML looks like; we're going to cover
everything in detail in a bit. For now, study the HTML and see
how it gets represented in the browser on the next page. Be sure
to pay careful attention to each letter annotation and how and
where it is displayed in the browser.
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